Thursday, January 22, 2009

Should Conservatives support the GOP?

That is a question that has been bugging me for several years now. Clearly the Republican party cannot survive without conservatives, yet the GOP routinely ignores and betrays its conservative members and their philosophy.

The GOP has become the slightly less socialistic and generally more pro-business wing of the Democrat party. Why do conservatives routinely support the GOP then?

Well, where else are we going to go?

The GOP during the heyday of the Reagan years stood for smaller and less expensive government. The Cold War and defeating the Soviet Union got in the way of that plan, but overall the philosophy was popular. Now the GOP stands for ... well, I'm not sure. Strong national defense surely, but that's about it. The GOP today can't find a spending bill it opposes.

So why are conservatives still supporting the GOP?

Well, where else are we going to go?

To me it's obvious that conservatives need to rescue the GOP from its current problems and get it back on track.

I read an opinion piece on American Thinker that sums up my thinking very well and includes steps that can be taken to reclaim leadership of the GOP from the current batch of milksops that are assisting in the destruction of the country.

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